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If you have ever wondered if hellebore can be grown in pots and containers, then you have come to the right place. We’re going to give you some tips and tricks for growing hellebore in containers, as well as some do’s and don’ts.

Can Hellebores Be Grown in Pots?

Yes, hellebores can be grown in pots. Hellebore can be grown indoors and outdoors in pots and containers. As long as they have enough rich soil and sunlight they can thrive. A little bit of shade is ok but try to get as much sunlight as possible and make sure that the container and soil drain well.

Perennial flowers, such as hellebores, are very easy to grow. After they become established in their pots or containers, hellebores will come back every year with very little maintenance.

The most important part of the plant’s development happens early on when you are planting and caring for it. Take special care to make sure all of the right conditions are met for the hellebores to take off and become well established.

Do Hellebores Do Well in Pots?

Hellebore can do very well in pots. The key to getting these beautiful flowers to grow to their full potential in pots is making sure their early development is strong. They need to have rich, well-draining soil.

Hellebores in pots need to have a good amount of sun. Indoor or outdoor, these plants need to have lots of sunlight and just a small amount of shade. With the right conditions being met, hellebores will grow for years, coming back each year with new beautiful flowers.

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How to Grow Hellebore in Containers

Now that you know the conditions that these plants need, let’s take a closer look at how to grow hellebore in containers. Make sure to use a smaller container first and then move on to a large container later (we like to use a 1 to 3-gallon pot.) These plants need a lot of room.

1. You are going to need to start by sourcing some very rich soil. Hellebore needs rich soil to thrive. Using good quality soil and compost will help ensure that the plant does well in the early stages.

2. Make sure that the container and soil that you choose drain well. This is a crucial step. Hellebore needs soil that can drain well. These plants do not like to stay soaking wet for very long.

3. Start by adding some compost to the container. You can also use some slow-release fertilizer here as well. Now you can take your hellebore seedling and remove it from its starter container and place it into the new one.

4. fill in the rest of the pot with soil. Make sure the base of the plant is about 1 inch below the top of the pot. This allows the container and soil to have room to take on the water when you begin to water them.

From here the plants can be kept in the smaller pots for about a year until they are ready to be put into the ground, or into a large container that they will remain in.

Hellebores in containers – Video.

How Do You Look After Potted Hellebores?

One of the most important parts of growing hellebore in pots is keeping the soil only moderately moist after watering. The water needs to drain out, allowing the soil to dry out enough to not be completely wet. If it remains wet it will grow mold and you will have problems.

Among care for the plant, you should make sure to trim dead leaves and dead parts of the plant. The plant should also be kept somewhere that gets a lot of sunlight. However, six weeks before the plant is set to bloom make sure to move it to a cool area.

Hellebore in Pots Indoors

Hellebores can do very well indoors, as long as all of the conditions it needs to thrive are met. This means that you need to keep your hellebore somewhere in your home that gets a lot of sunlight.

You will need to water them enough to keep the soil moderately wet. Allow the water to drain out, making sure not to let too much of the moisture remain in the soil. A little bit of shade is ok, but the more sunlight the better.

Pruning Hellebores in Pots

Hellebores are large bushy plants. Because of this, a little bit of maintenance is required for pruning. You want to make sure to locate any of the dying leaves or older leaves that are not in good condition and prune them back. This will help promote new growth.

You can also place a little bit of mulch on top of the potted hellebore to help keep the soil cool. This can be an important step if you are growing hellebores in containers outdoors. Source.

Pruned hellebores in pot – Example.

Why is My Potted Hellebore Drooping?

It is perfectly natural for your hellebores to be drooping in most circumstances. The flowers on hellebores tend to hang down at a 45-degree angle. This type of drooping is part of the way the flowers hang.

However, hellebores also have a defense mechanism, where they will droop if the conditions are too cold. If it is cold outside, or if it is cold indoors, this could be a natural response.

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When to Feed Hellebores in Pots

Feeding hellebores in pots is another important element in the care of hellebores. Your plant food should be diluted with the correct balance of nutrients. You should start by feeding them in early spring and then every three weeks until fall arrives.

Hellebores must be repotted every couple of years to make sure that the plant does not get root-bound. With the right amount of plant food and the right soil conditions, hellebores in containers will grow year after year.

Overwintering Hellebores in Containers

If you are planning on planting your containers in the ground then you may want to consider keeping them indoors until after winter. They are tolerant to around -10 degrees, so keeping them in a moderately warm place like a garage or storage room is a perfect way to over-winter hellebores.

As long as the days are not freezing, you can bring them outside during the day and bring them in at night.

We hope this guide has helped you understand how to care for hellebores in pots and hellebores in containers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you grow hellebores in pots?

Absolutely. As long as the pot is large enough you can grow hellebores in pots. They need a good amount of sunlight and rich soil for optimal growth in containers.

Can you grow hellebores in containers outdoors?

Yes, you can grow hellebore sin containers outdoors. They grow well in containers that have good drainage. As long as they are getting a lot of sun with just a little bit of shade they should do just fine.

Do hellebores have to be kept outdoors?

No, hellebores do not need to be kept outdoors. They can be kept in containers, indoors and outdoors. Indoors, they need to get enough sunlight and be in a well-drained container.

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